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Welcome, Salaam and Hi

A quick introduction from Samia Quddus, creator of Taqdeer - an Islamic Gratitude Journal.

'It was only when I faced a very difficult life event that I really truly began to appreciate what it meant to be in the ‘present’, a concept and self development skill I learned to channel through Taqdeer. It doesn’t come easily at first however knowing that you are looking for the positives in your daily experiences automatically shapes your mind-set for the better.'

The concept of Taqdeer came about during a period in my life when I wanted to incorporate elements of my professional work, my understanding of journaling and the notion of gratitude which encompassed both Islamic and scientific principles. By developing a consistent and repetitive structure enabled me to channel my thoughts in a positive way further achieved by the familiarity of what I was expected to regularly reflect on. Over time it became easier to find all that evoked a sense of happiness and appreciation supported by a simple format that remained the same, the only difference being my perception. It’s what I chose to bring to the table.

When faced with a difficult life event in 2017, I started practising mindfulness exercises and in turn I began to truly appreciate what it meant to be ‘present’, a concept and self development skill that I learned to cultivate through my own mock-up version of Taqdeer. Nurturing a present state entailed regularly listing my 'Alhamdulillah' (praise be to God) moments and admittedly this did not come easily at first because I was forcing myself to see the good whilst experiencing much emotional turmoil. On occasions, it felt silly and somewhat inauthentic to regularly list all that I was grateful for yet I persevered. Eventually I noticed a change - I was applying a 'positive perspective' which I attribute to the process of seeking Shukr (appreciation/ gratitude).

Though Taqdeer provides some direction in recognising the positive happenings in your everyday life, the overarching theme is to acknowledge and express Shukr to God for what He has provided you as well as making a conscious choice to be happy regardless of life's circumstances.

With much gratitude,

Samia x


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