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G I V I N G  B A C K

We donate or sponsor a minimum 20% of our profits each year to charities and organisations that share our vision in developing self-improvement, emotional well-being and mental health. Our donation also extends to causes that support community projects and environmental restoration. As a small business, we do not receive nor accept any commission from the organisations we support.


Environmental sustainability is important to us which is why our Islamic gratitude journal is plastic-free and 100% recyclable. In the future, we plan to utilise kinder manufacturing processes as we grow.

"Your custom + our intention to give back = Sharing the Baraqah"



End Child Poverty Campaign

27th August 2020

Sufran NW London: Supporting the work of this community kitchen to provide meals for families and children in need.

COVID-19 Community Support

Due to unprecedented and difficult times COVID-19 has presented both nationally and globally, doing good and giving back to the community has been a vital area of focus. We stepped up our charitable efforts and donated 50% of all April 2020 proceeds towards supporting community-led projects in response to COVID-19. We are incredibly grateful to members of the Taqdeer Life Family and their custom for making this possible. Projects supported have included:  

1st May 2020

Saint Francis Hospice, London: Providing monetary support as fundraising events have halted due to COVID-19

Restless Beings: Providing food packs to feed a Rohingya family for an entire month

Yaqeen Institute

10th April 2020

Chestnut Grove Academy, Balham: Providing families of pupils' with essential items and food vouchers 

Masks for NHS Heroes Crowdfunding Campaign: Providing PPE to protect healthcare staff from COVID-19 

Sufra NW London: Providing essential items to the vulnerable/ homeless 

22nd April 2020

Cambridge Central Mosque Janaza Fund: Providing immediate financial assistance for Islamic burials 

One Family Emergency Care Fund: Providing frontline staff with care packages and supporting vulnerable families

Environmental Restoration

December 2019

50% of all December proceeds donated to WWF Australia to support environmental restoration projects as a result of the nations devastating bushfires.

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