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© 2019, Taqdeer is part of Deft Group Limited Publishing. Registered in England No. 10887181

Taqdeer enables one to make gratitude and the remembrance of Allah the heart of regular focus. The Islamic faith recognises that expressing appreciation (shukr) is a simple way to nurture a constant state of worship. Scientific research states that having an 'attitude of gratitude' can lead to a happier you because gratitude forces one to live in the present. Shukr in times of hardship and ease can help one to recognise their blessings and truly appreciate the concept of 'Alhamdulillah' (praise be to God).

Taqdeer's conception came about in 2017 when its creator, Samia Quddus, struggled

to find a gratitude journal that centred around Islamic principles also backed by scientific research. She created Taqdeer to serve a dual purpose in drawing these links. Unlike other Islamic-themed lifestyle journals, Taqdeer veers from a 'Pick & Mix' combination of concepts. Taqdeer is solely about expressing shukr - and nothing else.


Much thought has gone into creating a modern, simple and desirable product that supports one's spiritual health. Further Taqdeer cultivates positive well-being and personal growth via psychological mindedness thus providing a holistic tool.


Taqdeer strikes a careful balance by giving you manageable and achievable self-reflective tasks whilst simultaneously approaching the act of shukr through spiritual remembrance in a few creative ways.

Taqdeer is more than just a Journal.