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Bushra Farooq

Clinical Psychology Student

"I am in awe of this journal. I had no idea how beautifully it's been extracted from psychological practices. I am a clinical psychology student and sometimes do face the conundrum of scientific western based practices with my belief. This journal just gives me a sense of continuity in both."

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Shabbir Mellick
Pharmacist & Mental Health Advocate

"I was hugely impressed by the Taqdeer Life ‘Gratitude Journal’ because it is an insightful tool that can be used to aid you in your spiritual journey.  I have been using the book and I have found it to be very enlightening, prompting me along the way by using diverse approaches and drawing upon the wisdom and practices of gratitude."

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Dr Nadia Rehman

Clinical Psychologist DPsych

"I wanted to let you know how beautiful the Taqdeer journal is...The content is amazing and it's put together so perfectly, this message only captures a small fraction of how I feel about what you've created...

This definitely is more than just a journal! As a Muslim psychologist, and someone who journals regularly, Taqdeer Life fills a huge gap in the self-help, wellness industry. It so strongly ties together spirituality and Islamic teachings making it a must-have for those on a God-centred well-being journey. The focal point is connecting to God through cultivating a gratitude mindset and heart-space. So any use of the journal itself is like a form of worship through the remembrance of God. Absolutely brilliant!

Not only that but you can tell how much sincere effort and thought has gone into the whole book. Beautiful explanations using research and faith help you to get into the right mindset. It also doesn’t shy away from the fact that some days will be difficult, and encourages reflection on these moments, as well as the good.

It is a treasure for our communities."

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