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"I'd just like to say your journal is an amazing concept. I gifted one to my friend recently and she was over the moon."



Taqdeer is a faith and psychology inspired lifestyle brand that is built on the principles of developing self-improvement through emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. Our products are rooted in a faith, scientific and psychology framework serving as an assurance that what you are about to start will change your life for the better.
As a brand, Taqdeer serves to create high-quality, beautifully designed products that provides our Taqdeer family with both an aesthetically and spiritually engaging experience. Inspired by creativity and its potential on human development, our unique brand purpose showcases emerging and established artists; all journals come with an artwork postcard designed by an artist. With environmental sustainability in mind, our products are plastic-free and recyclable.
Established in 2017 and launched a year later, our Islamic gratitude journal Taqdeer Life has supported over 1000 people cultivate happiness through spiritual reflection and remembrance. As the UK's first Islamic and psychology inspired gratitude journal, Taqdeer Life has reached individuals from various international locations. The Taqdeer Life family spans across America, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, India, Malaysia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey, Qatar, and the UAE. 
Taqdeer denotes ‘appreciation’ in Arabic – a concept that forms the basis of the Taqdeer brand. With a vision grounded in elegance and sophistication, we are committed to supporting our faith community strengthen their relationship with Him (swt) through the cultivation of gratitude. Our intention is to bring you engaging products that you will cherish for its beauty and purpose. We have made sure our brand is perfect for Ramadan/ Eid and year round gifting. 







Taqdeer Life's conception came about in 2017 when its creator, Samia Quddus, a qualified Integrative Therapist (MBACP) struggled to find a gratitude journal that had a combined focus on Islamic, psychotherapeutic and scientific principles. This inspired her to create Taqdeer, an Islamic Gratitude Journal.

A comprehensive Bibliography within the journal highlights the diligent research and care that Samia has conducted so that users, the 'Taqdeer Life family', can benefit from an effective 'Alhamdulillah' journaling experience, inShaAllah.

The Islamic faith recognises that expressing appreciation (Shukr) is a simple way to nurture a constant state of worship. Scientific research states that having an 'attitude of gratitude' can lead to a happier you because gratitude forces one to live in the present. Shukr during times of hardship and ease can help one to recognise their blessings and harness the concept of Alhamdulillah.

Taqdeer Life is a comprehensive faith-inspired Islamic gratitude journal that cultivates an Alhamdulillah (praise be to God) mind-set. The journal combines both Islamic and scientific concepts to encourage its users to make gratitude and the remembrance of God the heart of regular focus; principles which support positive well-being and personal growth via psychological mindedness.

​Compared to other Islamic-themed lifestyle journals, Taqdeer Life veers from a 'Pick & Mix' combination of concepts. Taqdeer Life is solely about expressing Shukr through spiritual remembrance in a few creative ways. Much thought has gone into creating a modern, simple and desirable product that also serves as a holistic tool. Taqdeer strikes a careful balance by giving you manageable and achievable self-reflective tasks whilst simultaneously cultivating an Alhamdulillah approach.

Taqdeer is More than just a Journal.


In December 2020, we ran an Instagram poll asking the Taqdeer family to state their preference for a reflective tool that provided a complementary tool to our Islamic gratitude journal. An overwhelming majority voted for cards, we listened and in February 2021 we launched the new addition to our growing brand, Taqdeer Thankfulness Cards, Alhamdulillah.

Chic, contemporary and beautifully designed, Taqdeer Thankfulness Cards provide an uplifting, engaging and spiritually reflective experience. Inspired Quranic verses and authentic spiritual sayings, this comprehensive cardset includes our brand’s distinguishing features; gold hot foil stamping and artwork created by emerging and established Muslim artists.



"I love that there is some variation. I have tried different journals with the same repetitive prompts throughout and I was not a big fan."



"I loved the concept of using them [Taqdeer Thankfulness Cards] with my children too inshaAllah. It'll be a nice thing to finish off with before they go to sleep."



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