MUSWIB Feature

Samia Quddus features on MUSWIB, a platform that shares the accomplishments of Muslim women in business.

Modestly Wrapped and Taqdeer Life Collab

UAE blogger, Modestly Wrapped, features Taqdeer Life in her piece evaluating the importance of writing and how it's played a significant role in her life since she was younger.

Taqdeer Life featured in Kintsugi magazi

'Expressing appreciation is recognised as a simple way to nurture a constant state of worship, and this beautiful gratitude journal helps you to correlate blessings and the positive happenings in your life with the remembrance of Allah.'

Taqdeer Life Review by Rabia Kausar

'My initial thoughts were ‘wow, this is so prestige’ because the packaging was on point, it was covered in black tissue paper and there was a thick cord of string tying it all together and it just looked so nice.'

Taqdeer Life Review by Single Muslim Mum

'Taqdeer by Taqdeer Life is a beautiful and unique gratitude journal. Islamically themed it will last you all year. The beautiful black fabric cover is simple yet elegant with the logo embossed on the cover. You can customise it however you want or leave it plain if it suits you. I love the hard back cover and how grown up it looks.'

BACP Feature, 2019

Published article by Samia Quddus in the BACP Children, Young People and Families Magazine; December Issue 2019. Samia shares her thoughts on Trauma Conference 2019 as well as areas for professional consideration when working with trauma and communities that carry a wider identity.

BACP March 2020

'Trust in Allah but tie your camel', Samia Quddus features in the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Children, Young People & Families magazine March 2020.

BACP June 2020

Samia Quddus shares her second contribution piece in June's British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Children and Young People’s magazine. This beautifully illustrated collaborative lead article 'Counselling CYP in the time of coronavirus' provides honest, personal and professional opinions from 7 contributors. Samia'a piece explores the hijab and her attempts to build connections with the young people she works with.

BACP Feature June 2020

Samia Quddus features in the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Children and Young People's magazine June 2020. Samia speaks about the inspiration behind her children's emotional well-being picture book, Freya's Funny Feeling.


P R E S S / P U B L I C A T I O N S

Islam Channel, June 2020

Guest appearance in Living the Life