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5 Ways to Manage Distressing Online Social Content Awareness (SCA).

by Samia Quddus, MBACP

Witnessing catastrophes, displacement and human suffering has an effect, even if via a screen. What may begin as five minutes of scroll time can easily become much longer as content is shared across various other accounts.

Social content awareness (SCA) has an incredibly powerful effect on our unconscious because what we view can become imprinted in our subconscious. Therefore, it is vital to be responsible with how much distressing media you consume.

Be sure to take part in activities that help you to re-focus your energy on something positive. This can include a self-care routine that involves non-work related activities, practices where you can mentally stitch-off and re-energise.

Below are 5 tips to help you exercise digital well-being during distressing times:

1. Dis-engage from your phone: If you are feeling overwhelmed, this is your cue to turn off the online world. Remember, you are ineffective when feeling overwhelmed.

2. Preserve your mental energy: The news will evoke many emotions, simultaneously, at times secondary trauma. Dis-engage from those who express hostility and/ or guilt-trip you to take action.

3. Boost your brain's happy chemicals: Step into nature, hug your kids (or furry companions), practise mindfulness, journal, speak to others, exercise, engage in spiritual practices etc to uplift mood.

4. Develop self-awareness: Use this as an opportunity to become a conscious social media user. Explore evoked emotions, limitations and what this information is communicating to you for next time.

5. Raising awareness: Ensure you spend the same amount of time offline, if not more, as you are spending online raising awareness.


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