A comprehensive Islamic inspired gratitude journaling concept cultivating well-being through spiritual reflection, psychotherapeutic and scientific principles.

More than just a Journal.


RELAY shukr | IMPROVE self-reflection | FOCUS on growth


Taqdeer is an Islamic lifestyle brand that is built on the principles of developing self-improvement, emotional and spiritual well-being including mental health. Inspired by creativity and its potential on human development, our unique brand purpose showcases emerging and established artists;  all journals come with an artwork postcard designed by an artist. With environmental sustainability in mind, our products are plastic-free and recyclable.

Taqdeer helps you to positively

self-reflect on your day's events whilst

nurturing an Alhamdullilah mind-set .

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What our customers say

“My friend Rumana gave me the journal as a gift. Although I am not Muslim, I am spiritual and I do like being able to reflect on my life and this is a great way of doing it. I like the fact that I am able to focus on the positives in life and identify what I am grateful for. I have suffered with depression and although I am in a good place now, the Taqdeer journal allows me to keep a positive frame of mind and appreciation for what I have. It's nice to read back on what I have written especially when I am feeling low or having a bad day because I can take the focus off the negatives. I would definately recommend it.”  

—  Rosie McBooth

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