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Taqdeer denotes ‘appreciation’ in Arabic – a concept that forms the basis of the Taqdeer brand. Established in 2017, Taqdeer Life is the UK's first psycho-spiritual comprehensive gratitude journal, created by an Integrative Therapist (MBACP).  Exuding style and sophistication, Taqdeer offers unique lifestyle tools that cultivates well-being through spiritual reflection, psychological mindedness and scientific principles.

More than just a Journal.

"Epitome of Islamic inspired self-care."


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RELAY shukr | IMPROVE self-reflection | FOCUS on growth


"I've tried a lot of journals. This one is my favourite by far."


Taqdeer is a faith and psychology inspired lifestyle brand that is built on the principles of developing self-improvement through emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. Our products are rooted in a faith, scientific and psychology framework serving as an assurance that what you are about to start will change your life for the better. As a brand, Taqdeer serves to create beautifully designed products that provides our users with both an aesthetically and spiritually engaging experience.  Inspired by creativity and its potential on human development, our unique brand purpose showcases emerging and established artists;  
all journals come with an artwork postcard designed by an artist. With environmental sustainability in mind, our products are plastic-free and recyclable.

"Full of goodness and thoroughly thought out aswell and put together's much needed in our Muslim ummah."


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A brand that helps you to cultivate an Alhamdulillah mindset and God consciousness as you become more grateful in life.

"I just reverted to Islam and I feel like the journal and thankfulness cards would benefit me so much."


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"...can't go wrong having both or all the kinds of Islamic journals,

but I do really take an interest and liking to Taqdeer as I graduated

in school psychology...Mental health representation is just so important in any work."



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What our customers say

“My friend Rumana gave me the journal as a gift. Although I am not Muslim, I am spiritual and I do like being able to reflect on my life and this is a great way of doing it. I like the fact that I am able to focus on the positives in life and identify what I am grateful for. I have suffered with depression and although I am in a good place now, the Taqdeer journal allows me to keep a positive frame of mind and appreciation for what I have. It's nice to read back on what I have written especially when I am feeling low or having a bad day because I can take the focus off the negatives. I would definately recommend it.”  

—  Rosie McBooth